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New non-notification accounts receivable financing


    New program for 2019

accounts receivable financing without debtor notification, credit lines, Fast approval process, only pay for what you use, 


Business & CRE Capital Markets

Bridge Capital CRE- Hard money- Bank financing


With more than 30 years of experience in the capital markets space, we have established a proven network of capital partners to help in even the toughest  capital request. From Unsecured business funding-secured business funding-accounts receivable financing-consolidations-asset based lending- inventory capital-purchase order financing- fix n flip- fix and  fix N rent- credit lines CRE -equipment sale lease back- equipment leasing- fast cash- programs with as low as 470 credit scores and up-Merchant cash advances-term loans- credit lines- Commercial real estate- commercial bridge loans- hard money- soft money-institutional capital- bridge to perm- high leverage- CLTV-broken construction-DIP financing-renovation capital-  energy capital- solar-- All Rights Reserved.

Through a bank relationship- Federal Gov't contract financing- Mobilization capital- Pre- A/R FUNDING

Congratulations! You won the bid for that $5,000,000. Gov't contract – Now what?

Often, government contractors win large contracts that require rapid mobilization. This can create a classic “good news, bad news” situation where the contractor needs to pay their employees before an invoice can be billed and submitted for funding. Unfortunately, traditional commercial bank financing as well as factoring requires companies to borrow against invoices in order to fund payroll.

Consequently, with limited options in the commercial lending market, small business government contractors often resort to taking on high-cost, quick-turnaround FinTech debt from non-bank lenders. These debt facilities typically range in APR percentages from 20% to as high as 80% and can have a negative impact to the borrowers’ profitability. This can create a challenging cycle where small business federal contractors take expensive but fast debt which cuts into their margins and creates the need to take on additional debt, even as they are winning new contracts.

Our Bank’s Mobilization Financing product breaks this cycle by providing small businesses with four times (4x) anticipated monthly invoice dollars in the first 120 days of a new government contract for an APR of 6 to 9%. Mobilization financing works alongside our bank line of credit product and provides financing for direct labor hours worked prior to invoicing the U.S. Government.

To demonstrate how this works, let’s use an existing (a) minority-owned, economically disadvantaged, HUB zone small business borrower who recently won multiple Firm-Fixed-Price contract awards. The terms of each contract calls for Performance-based payments; that is, payment is made to the small business based on the estimated percentage completion of the total contract.

Since there are typically 45-90 days between the date of contract award until the vendor will begin invoicing, our Bank provides a 364-day term loan for each new contract award to bridge the 45-90-day payment conversion gap. The structure of each term loan consists of one required payment due at the maturity of the loan. Interest is assessed at the time of origination, and the amount of each loan contemplated is for a total of 4x the estimated monthly payment amount.

The U.S. Government is making a concerted effort to award large contracts to small businesses. Before doing so, Contracting Officers are required under the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR – Subpart 9.1) to make certain that the potential awardee has the financial capability to execute the contract.

we have the solution

ACQUISITION LOAN• Buying another firm can establish qualifications needed to win large contracts,inherit established relationships with agencies, and increase your profitsexponentially• Competitive bank rates• Up to 10 year terms• No prepayment penalties• Flexible down payment optionsWORKING CAPITAL LINE OF CREDIT• Leverage anticipated monthly invoices by converting them to cash to fundrelated expenses• Our bank will provide, at no cost, a financing commitment letter to ensurecompliance with FAR Subpart 9.1• We offer a 90% advance rate on prime contracts; 85% on subcontracts• Competitive rates and terms to meet your working capital needsCONTRACT MOBILIZATION FINANCING• Mobilization financing to bridge the cash flow gap from contract award untilinvoice payments start flowing to your business• Loans up to 4x anticipated monthly invoice amount prior to first invoice• Confidence knowing you can cover direct payroll expenses from themoment you win an award•  Our Bank will provide, at no cost, a financing commitment letter toensure compliance with FAR Subpart 9.1PURCHASE ORDER FINANCING• PO-financing backed by intimate knowledge of the Federal Governmentprocurement process and understanding of the cash conversion cycleduring an initial contract award base period• Provides sufficient working capital to fully purchase all necessary materialsand supplies pertaining to government purchase orders• Offers you negotiating leverage to obtain the best prices and terms fromsuppliers• Our Bank will provide, at no cost, a financing commitment letter to ensurecompliance with FAR Subpart 9.1• Increased margins for borrowers with multiple purchase orders/contracts in agiven fiscal year.

· Credit Score  min Needed:  Bank prefers 650 but  we are asset driven, we have closed 594 credit  scores with strong  Fed Govt contracts

· Upfront Fees If Any- no upfront fees

· Federal Government Contracts , can we do state ,local ,municipal, contracts ? no federal only unless 70% Federal Govt Contracts and 30% state blend

· can we do Puerto Rico FEMA contracts-  we can do FEMA- We can do federal Govt contracts  in Peuro Rico

· do you have a list of approved verticals, IE;  services, materials, machinery, equipment, construction, etc that could be approved? submit for approval

· Min experience needed? start ups fine

· tax returns min? need full doc bank loan application, 3 years taxes business and personal, financial statement, year to date balance sheet, resume, bank statements,

· financial statements required ? yes 

· $$$$ limits to contracts? min and max?  $100,000 to $100,000,000plus

· time in business min? start ups are ok

Please email us for more information Hrosen@rosencointernationalllc.com

commercial business capital


We provide capital solutions to industries within the middle market such as technology, logistics, manufactures, distributors, business services, retailers and consumer products companies We also provide one-stop financing solutions in which we augment revolving lines of credit with cash flow based term loans.   We  look at a businesses strengths not their weaknesses.   Accounts receivable financing- Consolidations, inventory capital, purchase order capital, equipment leasing, equipment sale lease back, term loans, credit lines, MCA- Energy financing- solar financing-

Debt and Mezzanine capital-

  • Working Capital Lines
  • Leveraged or Management
  • Buyouts
  • Turnaround or Restructuring
  • Debtor-in-Possession (DIP)
  • Emergency Financing
  • Rapid Growth
  • Seasonal or Cyclical


Debt restructuring

Equipment leasing

Equipment sale lease back

Medical accounts receivable financing

Medical  working capital

Medical equipment leasing

Merchant cash advance

Merchant cash advance Consolidation's

Problem credit financing programs

Purchase order financing

Inventory financing

Revolving credit lines

Truck leasing -commercial vehicles Truck Leasing -tractor trailers long haul and local

Vendor financing programs

Term loans

Asset based lending

Unsecured business capital

Sub prime credit Business  capital programs

Partner Buyout credit facilities

Growth capital

Accounts receivable financing to 95% as low as 7.5 % rate for very well qualified clients

  • ESOP Financing
  • Other Special Situations
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Inventory
  • Machinery and Equipment*
  • Real Estate
  • inventory
  • Purchase orders

Typical Situations for Asset Based Lending

Asset based lenders often provide capital to companies in the following situations:

  • Significant capital is tied up in assets (working capital and fixed assets)
  • Seasonal businesses
  • Rapid growth requires increased inventory purchasing
  • Cash conversion cycles increase as the result of vendors paying slowly
  • Acquisitions of companies with significant asset-bases
  • Turnarounds or financial restructuring

Common industries where asset based lending may be a solution:

  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • ​Transportation (asset-heavy)
  • Commodities related businesses
  • Specialty companies
  • Food and agriculture
  • Technology
  • Energy- solar- wind
  • Trucking
  • Hospitality 
  • We look at all SIC codes

Please  provide executive summary- Hrosen@rosencointernationalllc.com

Howard Rosen  

 702 338 0929 

**All subject to due diligence, underwriting, program guidelines, and subject to change at lenders discretion at any  time 


Accounts receivable financing with out debtor notification, without redirection of payments, invoice payments go direct to merchant, (unless in event of default) advanced funds are based on your business sales,  and your receivables, not your personal credit history. We never do personal credit checks so you can rest assured that securing funds will not affect your credit score. receive up to 95% value of approved A/R.

Commercial Real Estate Lending w/ fast closings- no doc to full doc


Available Funding Programs 

  • SBA 504
  • Private capital
  • Life companies

  • Hospitality properties – flagged and non-flagged
  • Industrial properties
  • Mobile home parks
  • Multi family
  • Land development A & D and C
  • Mixed use properties
  • Multi-family projects
  • Office buildings
  • Retail centers – anchored and non-anchored
  • Single tenant and owner-user
  • Special purpose properties
  • Marinas
  • Self Storage
  • Land  entitlement capital
  • Churches
  • Production lot  builders
  • Assisted living
  • Adult day care
  • SFR fix n flip
  • SFR fix n rent
  • SFR portfolio lending

  • Permanent Mortgage 
  • Construction Financing
  • Interim | Bridge Financing
  • Construction | Perm Financing 
  • Fixed- and Adjustable-Rate Financing
  • Participating Loan Financing
  • Joint Venture Financing  *
  • Second Mortgage Financing 
  • Owner Occupied Financing
  • Mezzanine Debt Financing
  • Preferred Equity Financing*
  • Credit | Tenant Lease Financing

  • Bond Credit Enhancements
  • Private money
  • Hard money-soft money

Real Estate Tax Lien Payoffs

Foreclosure Workouts

Bankruptcy Resolutions

Partner & Lease Buyouts

Mortgage Acquisitions

Gap/Bridge Financing

Rehab/Conversion Opportunities

Unique Acquisition Situations

Discounted Mortgage Buybacks

Borrower Distress

Debt Consolidation

IRS Liens

Vacant Building Financing

2nd Position/Mezzanine – Acquisition Financing

Quick Closings to Secure Opportunities

Please  provide executive summary-   Hrosen@rosencointernationalllc.com

Howard Rosen

702 338 0929

* Only Very well qualified sponsorship and opportunities for equity and or JV.

**All subject to due diligence and underwriting , programs subject to change at  lender's discretion at any time

NEW PROGRAM for 2019

Equipment leasing, specializing in collateral based equipment financing.  This is  a collateral program, not a credit program, transactions  do not  have to  service debt. Forced liquidation value appraisal is required

Purchase and or sale lease back

we can  finance against collateral Not Cash Flow. 

Pre-Revenue/Start-ups, Re-Starts, Turn-Arounds

Equipment ONLY transactions: Construction, Manufacturing, Medical/Hospital, Plastics, Transportation, etc.

No covenants or Debt Service Requirements  

Hemp and Cannabis Industry: Extraction, Processing, Testing, Packaging…

36 to 60 Month repayment terms  

$300,000 - $25,000,000, 

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We look at your businesses strengths, not its weaknesses.

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For  Business capital options, including unsecured start up capital, , Term loans, credit lines,installment loans,

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No credit check business term loan*


no credit check business term loans, 12 months in business min, $200,000 annual sales min   algorithm  driven

start up capital with strong credit borrowers- 720 min- low utilization with seasoned trade lines

Start up capital with strong credit borrowers- 680 min credit scores- low utilization with seasoned high dollar  trade lines-  low inquires. start with your 3 scores from 


Requires 3-Bureau Credit Report

ATTENTION Import export firms- NYC group has up to $100,00,000 to secure SBLC for qualified  imports

ATTENTION Import export firms- NYC group has up to $100,00,000 to secure SBLC for qualified  USA  imports with guaranteed exit to credit worthy buyer. NYC firm can provide logistics, USA BANKING, Customs and warehouse.*


Leverage buy out

based on EBITA, Assets, cash flow, inventory, receivables, time in business, SIC code, bio's, seller subordination,  3 year Tax returns, profit and loss balance sheet year to date, buy sell contract.


Fix N Flip

Fix n Rent

Credit lines for  SFR portfolios

Bank money

soft money

Hard money*

Business start up capital with 720 credit scores*

Apartment building capital- purchase or Refinance;

1. Affordable housing to 87% LTC- rates fixed 10 years 3.78 (Nov 18-2017)

2. USDA  Financing

3. Bridge 

4. Soft money

5. Hard money

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1003 commercial loan application

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